We are Philipp and Marius. A German in Holland, and a Dutchman in Italy. For six years we were neighbors in Amsterdam, became friends and realized we had many common (and uncommon) interests. On many different topics: music, science, music, film, music, design, music, you name it. A first step into this idea of killedthecat started on Spotify: Philipp created a collaborative playlist on Spotify we called Friendbours. A place to drop songs which you felt that the other guy couldn’t possibly live without.

Now, this space is an extension of that, with the added bonus of not only being able to share tunes, but also make an argument as to why you like that song or person or group.

It’s two dudes, sitting on a balcony, sharing a beer. It’s an invitation to sit down. A third chair, if you will. Just come by once in a while, grab a beer or whatever floats your boat, listen if you hear anything interesting. Join the conversation, or just listen. Up to you. If not, see you next time. If so, chill, join us.