Maggie Rogers: A little feel good

Maggie Rogers: A little feel good

‘Tis the season. The season for working my ass off, therefore not the season for writing. But! Fear not! A weak ankle might create some forced time off. Hence, time to write a little.

The title promises some feel good, so let’s get into it. Once in a while, the internet has these pearls. Once in a while, you get to witness the actual exact moment that a successful music career starts. Check this one out.

Maggie Rogers. While studying music at the…(are you ready? Silly long uni name incoming. Breathes in deeply aaaaaand…) The Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music at New York University's Tisch School of the Arts (breathes out), she was invited to attend a master class by Pharrell Williams. Who he is, is worth many words, let’s just go with he is one of the best producers of the 21st century. Big statement, short sentence.

He first talked for a while, then selected students got to play a song they made and he’d give some feedback. Both the dream and the nightmare. The cool thing is, these students were just told to prepare a song for a master class. They didn’t know beforehand that Willams would be there.

So, the great producer Mister Williams sits there. Students come in, sit next to him, shake in their little space boots while they play him their song. He listens, and gives them some tips and compliments. All good, we got the premise now.

In comes Maggie. Getting introduced by the great Bob Power as having as much heart as anyone he’s ever known. Okay, ears perk up. But then eyes perk up too. This shy girl sits down. Shy, and fearless. She tells her story, and the more she speaks, the shorter the breaks in her sentences become, the less she looks down, the more she just wants to explain her music to a dude sitting next to her. She’s originally a banjo player, that recently discovered European dance music and loves to hike. The weird thing is, this is so damn random, but then when you hear her music, you actually hear it.

Anyways, back to the feel good. Watch Pharrell listen. Watch Maggie get into her song, while stealing glances at one of the best producers in the world to see what he thinks. Just glances though. Something tells me she already knew the song was good. Watch Pharrell be low-key deeply impressed.

‘Wow. I have zero, zero, zero notes for that,’ is what Pharrell manages after this magical song. Then, you see a career get kick started in a brief moment: He showers her in compliments, sums it up, receives the applause the moment asked for and Bob Power takes over again.

Then, at 25:52, seemingly realizing he doesn’t know the name of someone he should know the name of, Pharrell asks, ‘What’s your name again?’ ‘I’m Maggie’ she replies, and offers her hand.

Have a look, here’s the full session. Maggie comes in at 18:14.

Be sure to check out her music on Spotify as well.

Mister Willems

Mister Willems